(Healthy New Year's Resolutions #New Year 2017)

Do you feel your stomach bloat after meals? If you notice, this doesn't happen after every meal? Only at times. And at other times when you eat specific foods. Well, there are foods cause your stomach to bloat, so the wise thing to do is to know about them and avoid them!

Here are a few of the biggest criminals:

1. Cold drinks: Yes, these carbonated drinks have numerous side effects on your health. One of them is that they bloat your tummy. Beer happens to fall in this category too.we normally take cold drinks when bloating or overeating is there. Instead take half lemon juice with lukewarm water or as lemon tea.

2. Dairy Products: For the lactose intolerant, dairy products are almost like poison. The intolerance can be mild, moderate of severe, but one of the symptoms is gas. You can try to limit your consumption of dairy products and take with moderate temperature not very hot.

3. Apples: Apples and pears are known to contain a high percentage of fiber. While they are important for us and should be eaten, if is good to know that they can affect sensitive tummies. Eat bit by bit, and if it helps,peel the skin and then eat or add some drops of lemon and black salt.

4. Few Vegetables: While they are excellent health foods,asparagus, cabbage and broccoli are the vegetables which cause gas in the  stomach, which in turn leads to bloating of the tummy .Wash them properly before cooking and use less oil preparation and add (Bishop's weed or carom seeds) ajwain as seasoning.

5. Sodium: Sodium is also another reason for bloated tummies, so it is advised to limit salt intake.

6. Fast Foods: Fast foods like sausages, fried foods, icecream, sweetened products , etc are known to cause the belly to bloat.so it is advised to limit salt intake. 

7. Rice Preparations: Rice is known to swell up inside the stomach once it gets water, hence making the stomach feel bloated. Take in small quantities and chew well while eating.

8. Hard Drinks: Alcohol is also said to add weight near the stomach and make it feel bloated. Avoid it or whenever in need take with healthy snacks.