What is Herbalism 

Herbalism is a religion of nature, representing a balance of head and heart. Also referred to as phytotherapy or botanical medicine, herbalism is one of the earliest systems of medicine known. It is the practice of making or prescribing plant based herbal remedies for medicinal conditions. When people hear the phrase ‘herbal remedies’ it may conjure up images of dreadlocked hippie offering up flower oil at the local farmers market and swearing it cures anything from stress to aches to the common cold.Sounds creepy, right?  We live in the century where we can’t afford to spend even a microscopic thought on something which we don’t consider beneficial in any sort of respect. Today, we have less time along humongous targets to achieve and sadly little to no time to think about ourhealth. This scarcity of time leads to us taking the shortcuts. Shortcuts which seem like a quick and sure way to get our stuff done. But, what we fail to understand is that these shortcuts are time bound. They won’t work after certain period of time. A very common example of this is our frequent visits to the doctor.With changing weathers,new and more resistant pathogens being discovered and no time to keep ourhealth in check, we often find ourselves in a serious conversation with a doctor. Because, apparently only some high dose of antibiotics can get rid of the rhino virus. But the catch is that the virus can never be killed and those prescribed antibiotics is given to cure the symptoms of the cold. Kind of shocking!  The doctor prescribes some medicines leading to the person getting better. But as mentioned before, thesecures are not for a long term. The person gets sick again and the vicious cycle goes on. What a person fails to fathom is that all this wastage of time, money and efforts can be ignored by some very simple habits. Habits of including some common herbs in your diet which basically powers up your immune system and prevents you from getting sick again and again.  Herbs like garlic, ginger,turmeric, ginseng, milk thistle and many more. Garlic can help cure diabetes,boost the immune system, reduces cholesterol, regulates blood pressure and prevents many cardiovascular diseases. Unbelievable! The most common ailments which people find difficult to control can be controlled by a…simple garlic.  Here comes another shocker, turmeric which is a very common herb used in the kitchen can relieve arthritis pain and contains anticancer properties. 

Ginseng, one of the most popular herbs in Asia and North America, can treat sexual dysfunction, help with weight loss, improves lung function and boost the immune system.  The point is, why spend so much of resources for some cure when the disease can be prevented with the blessings of mother nature?Why not use these natural gifts to stay healthy with minimum efforts? It is my plea to everyone out there to use these organic ways to prevent yourself from getting sick. Asit is rightly said that ‘A mother’s touch is the best touch’.