Depression is getting increasingly common in the tumultuous times that we live in. We all know a friend or family member who is affected by it. However, it can often be tricky to find the right things to say or do.

Here's the A B D C E to help them out :


World over, research suggests that directly asking people with depression about suicide can potentially save their lives, since it offers them an opportunity to reach out for help. People with depression are often guilty about their suicidal thoughts, and might not be forthcoming about them. Do not hesitate to ask.

Be There.

Just listen, and don't judge what he or she has to say. Do not offer suggestions. At times, people just want to be heard. Rather than offering 'solutions', just provide them with a patient ear. Sometimes, just nodding silently can be more reassuring and comforting than a checklist of what to do next to feel better.  Do not offer your experiences of when you were sad/suffering through a break-up etc. Depression is much more than just 'Sadness'. People with depression often resent the comparison.


Offer to run urgent errands for them, like paying bills, getting food. People who are depressed can find themselves confused and puzzled about things that are urgent. It's better to help out directly with tasks using actions rather than words. 

Depression is treatable. Doctors help.

Assist your friend or family member by facilitating their meeting with a doctor at the earliest. The sooner they seek professional help, the faster they leave depression behind. Remember, depression is not a choice. Depression is not a sign of weakness. It's a disorder, and it is treatable.


When someone's depressed, small steps can sometimes seem like big milestones. Do remember to offer your encouragement and appreciation whenever you notice them putting an effort towards betterment.