Stop staining your teeth!

  • Limit the amount of coffee and tea in your daily diet.
  • Avoid smoking.
  • Make regular visits to dentist for professional cleanings and proper oral hygiene.
  • Brush and floss regularly and properly.Some toothpastes have compounds that can help remove minor stains for a whitening effect.


  • It can eliminate many minor stains.Some stains may require more aggressive treatment such as micro-abrasion.
  • Polishing is best option if you want natural look rather than a very bright white smile.

Fillings can stain too:

  • The patient was dissatisfied with fillings which had discolored rapidly due to improper oral hygiene.Bonding teeth that have large fillings often involve covering of entire front tooth surface.If the teeth were merely refilled,it would not only take a short time before the junction of the filling and enamel became a site of new discoloration.To achieve this new attractive smile,upper and lower font teeth were bonded and cosmetically contoured.
  • Bacteria or stress from clenching or grinding may eventually cause the seal between the tooth and the filling to break down.
  • During regular dental examination your dentist will determine whether existing fillings are intact.If a seal is worn,cracked,or leaking,it may need to be replaced or repaired.

Tooth fractures may lodge bacteria:

  • Micro cracks can be associated with an old filling,to protect the tooth from further fracture.
  • Be very careful to avoid biting down using the weakened tooth.Too often patients fracture teeth when biting down with a micro-cracked tooth on raspberries,blackberries or other small-seeded or hard food items.
  • Another way to prevent tooth fractures is to ask your dentist to perform an exam using an intraoral camera that reveals tiny microcracks at the earliest.

Therefore maintain proper oral hygiene for healthy teeth in oral cavity.