The brain and unhealthy food!

  • The brain requires a balance of essential fatty acids like omega-6 and omega -3 to function properly. Unfortunately, most of the modern recipes contain too much of omega -6 and not enough of omega-3. Such an imbalance has been linked to many mental health problems. Besides, the trans fats found in many fast food items have been shown to displace these omega fatty acids from brain cells and negatively affect brain health.
  • In addition, pregnant women who eat plenty of unhealthy foods such as refined cereals, sweet drinks and salty snacks have been found to give birth to children who suffer from higher rates of behavioural problems like tantrums and aggression.
  • Psychiatric disorders like Attention-deficit hyperactivity disorder, depression, Alzheimer's disease and schizophrenia may occur due to junk food consumption and deficient in above mentioned healthy food.
  • High sugar diets can induce inflammation in the brain and trigger metabolic changes that can ultimately harm its functions.
  • Those who eat fast food on a regular basis are less likely to eat essential foods, such as fruits and vegetables, which contain important vitamins and nutrients that significantly contribute to brain health.
  • Unhealthy food habits can lead to tooth decay, weight gain etc which in turn can give rise to stress, anxiety and negative thoughts about oneself.

Good food, therapeutic food!

  • Major constituents of a healthy brain diet would include fruits, vegetables, legumes, nuts, fish, lean meats and healthy fats such as olive oil.
  • Green tea and antioxidant-rich fruits and vegetables like tomatoes and green leafy vegetables may prevent dementia.
  • Food therapy with intake of food rich in Tryptophan (like chicken, eggs, pineapple and cheese), essential fatty acids (like fish and green leafy vegetables) and cutting down on junk food show symptomatic improvement for patients with depression.

So, next time you feel like having junk food, think about what it might do to your brain and oral hygiene.