Faulty fasting can sometimes have damaging repercussions, specially your health. So let's make this karvachauth a special day for you and your health as well.

Begin this auspicious day with a healthy Sargi:

Sargi should comprise of fruits like berries, bananas, oranges, pomegranate, papaya and pears. These are an excellent source of soluble fiber.

To satisfy your carbohydrate quotient, have a good portion of paneer and an oatmeal or bran roti. Oats are very good option as these have soluble fibers, which delay emptying of the stomach, thereby making one feel fuller for a longer period. Instead of sugary milk or tea, have a refreshing drink of lemon or lemongrass. Try not to follow sweets in the mornings with oily paranthas. Oily paranthas and sweets are only going to make you feel dizzy, thirsty, & hungry sooner as they affect your insulin activity. Try having fresh fruits and dried fruits instead, like almonds, dates and figs.

A Sample Meal For Sargi: 

  • A bowl of mixed fruits 1 Oat or whole wheat roti 100 grams of cottage cheese with methi or mint leaves ½ cup of dahi 

  • Few minutes later Lemon water or coconut water 

  • Few almonds, dates or figs along with some pomegranate (Ideal for delaying the thirst & hunger pangs)

Importance of having healthy Sargi 

The meal had at Sargi will help you be content for the next few hours without any discomfort. Keep yourself busy whole day to avoid thoughts of thirst or hunger. Though, our body can function without food for up to 48 hours but may show signs of dehydration without water very soon. Exercising or strenuous movements will only leave you more tired and drained.

Tips While Breaking The Fast

You might be very thirsty and hungry and can over-hydrate at one time, causing strain on kidneys and the gut. Be calm and you will be able to assess your body’s needs for food and water. Start with a glass of plain water or any flavoured waters suggested above. Your body is usually tired and blood glucose level may be low

Eat a few dry fruits, a mixture of almonds, walnuts, raisins and some seeds like sunflower seeds, flaxseeds, pumpkin seeds will give you the right pump.

Drink a glass of water again to replenish your fluids and then eat your meal. The ideal meal here can be your favorite carbs to break down easily and faster in the blood stream, to help refill our glycogen stores.

Avoid oily food always to avoid feeling heavier and tired.

A Sample meal for the night: 

  • A glass of water/ refreshing lemon water or coconut water Some nuts and seeds 

  • ½ a fistful A glass of water 2-3 Idlies, or plain soda or whole wheat chapati 

  • A bowl of dal or sambhar or sprouts 

  • A bowl of yogurt 

  • A bowl of veggies 

  • A piece of dark chocolate to can satisfy your sweet cravings instead of heavy sugar and oil laden mithai.

Wishing you all beautiful women a very healthy and happy karvachauth.

Stay blessed & LiveLifeMore Together.