It’s easier to take care of your child’s health when they are 24×7 with you. As you can monitor everything about their hygiene and eating habits, you are at peace. But once they start going out, it’s a constant battle within your mind on how to make sure that your child is safe from germs and infections.

We asked Dr Neha Bansal the same question and she has some very useful tips to ensure the same:

  • Hand Sanitizer

Teach your child on how to use a hand sanitizer. Using the soap at school isn’t very healthy as a huge number of children use that and hence it increases the chances of infections. You can also talk to the authorities to provide liquid soaps at wash basins for children at lunchtime as it’s the time germs attack the child most, making their way to the stomach.

  • Pack Tissues

A handkerchief isn’t enough for your child. The logic goes like this: Imagine your child uses it the whole day including at lunch time. The same hanky that’s used in the lunch time isn’t very safe to use post lunch due to obvious reasons.

  • Sneezing and Coughing Etiquettes

Habituate your child to use a handkerchief while he/she sneezes or coughs and to try his best not do to do on someone’s face. Also, make him aware to pass on the information to his classmates if they sneeze or a cough unprotected.

  • Clean Clothes

Ensure that your child is wearing well cleaned and sanitized clothes to school. Add a cap of antiseptic like Dettol, Savlon, etc. to the water he bathes, and occasionally in the water in which you wash his or her clothes.