Based upon a study conducted in 2015, about a quarter of all deaths in the nation could be traced to cardiovascular diseases and affected at least 35% of Indian with related symptoms. In subsequent years, particularly in a study conducted back in 2016, ‘The Changing Patterns of Cardiovascular Diseases and Their Risk Factors in the States of India: the Global burden of Disease Study 1990-2016’, it was established that more than half of the deaths were caused by heart ailments in 2016 in people less than 70 years of age. If this is not scary enough, what else can be. This article is an attempt to educate you about your heart’s health and it cannot get any better if there is not enough awareness.

Heart: The Organ And Its Significance

The heart is the primary organ that pumps the blood, subsequently making it reach even the remote corners of your body - without a break, without a rest. The heart not only takes care of the blood circulation but is an integral part of the body's vitality. The lubb-dub sound produced by the valves and flaps of heart is considered to be important clinical significance. Imagine working tirelessly for the whole of a lifetime and not being cared for? That’s what your heart feels when you are not concerned enough for its well being and hence, we are telling you how you can help your heart with the help of Ayurveda.

Ayurveda For Heart: Your Guide To A Healthy You

Ayurveda always emphasises on healthy eating while keeping notice of your dosha imbalances. Fried food, junk food, high carbs, high cholesterol inclusive food items etc. shall not help your heart and increases the chances of a heart related complication. The presence of arterial plaque, also known as ama, also increases the chances of the constriction of the blood flow towards the heart, better termed as the coronary circulation. We recommend you an internal cleansing of the same by ayurvedic measures to help your body get rid of the ama. Herbs like Arjuna and Guggul also help your heart relax and function better if taken under an Ayurvedic Practitioner’s guidance. Regular physical exercises with a regular health check-up shall ensure that your health and heart remains monitored while you lead a happy and a healthy life alongside.