Lauki, ghia or dudhi is one of the most light, nutritional and healthy vegetables, some of you might find louki boring or tasteless but you will surely want to eat it after knowing it's goodness.

Ayurvedic Properties of Lauki

* It is Madhur in rasa

* Laghu (light to digest), Snigdha, Manda and mridu

* Madhur vipaka

* Sheet virya ( cold potency)

* It balance vata and pitta dosha in body. 

Health benefits of Bottle Gourd

Lauki is rich in water, minerals and vitamins

* It cleanses body channels

* It is easy to digest, gives nourishment and curbs increased appetite

* It helps in reducing weight in healthy way

* It acts as laxative, increase stool quantity thus helps in constipation, flatulence, piles and other digestive problems

* It is good for liver, it regenerates liver tissues, improves liver function, it helps in discharging bile. It's consumption is good in obstructive jaundice and bile stones

* It is alkalizing in action

* It is good for heart as it maintain cholesterol levels and blood pressure

* It is good for asthma and bronchitis patients

* Good for gouty arthritis

* It has diuretic property, useful in burning urination and other urinary disorders

* As it is high in water content it helps in preventing excessive thirst in summer and keep body cool and refreshed

* It prevent fatigue

* It has  excellent anti-aging property,it prevents premature greying of hair ,wrinkles  and other premature aging symptoms

* It improves memory and good for brain

* It helps in good sleep 

* Good for children,old and for one who is recovering from illness.

How to use Lauki? 

* Ayurveda prefer cooked lauki you can make sabji ,raita,halwa or kheer from it.

* Lauki juice is also good but louki should not be bitter.

* Absolutely avoid bitter variety of lauki