Frequent burps, bloating and diarrhoea can be the result of bacteria in food, infection, stress, certain medications and other chronic stomach related issues. But no matter what the cause is, anyone who has frequent digestive problems, faces daily challenges and embarrassment. These following steps will help you to cope better in everyday life.

  • Know your digestive triggers
    Many things can trigger digestive upsets. Understand your body and type of food group which you are consuming on daily basis. Ask yourself questions about which food/beverage/dish is triggering the digestive issues and with time decrease its intake.

  • Stay hydrated
    Water is good for normal bowel function. Avoid drinking beverages such as coffee/soda if you think they trigger your digestive problems. Plain water and coconut water are a good choice. Alcohol and caffeinated beverages worsen the condition.

  • Maintain hygiene
    Before eating or preparing food, wash your hands thoroughly, this will prevent transmitting potentially dangerous bacteria to your food.

  • A Balanced Meal
    Eating right will help you to ease digestion related problems. Eat more fiber to regulate your digestion. Also don’t keep long gaps between your meals.The foremost habit which needs to be developed is to chew your food thoroughly.

  • Don’t go for shortcut treatment
    Don’t blindly rely on alternative therapies like fasting or something artificial. It will not only hamper your precious time but surely affect your health. Always consult your doctor before trying any new alternative ways.