So you have stopped binging on the fries or doughnuts, the gym trainer is a more familiar face than the restaurant delivery boy; you’ve been following the suggested diet and exercise strictly, you also shed some kilos and inches but now you’re STUCK. 

The weighing scale not budging can be discouraging and frustrating. This is what we call as hitting a plateau but don’t panic. There are some ways that can help you break through the plateau:


As one loses weight, the body needs lesser calories to carry out the daily functions for the smaller you! Taking the same number of calories that you have been taking since day 1 could be a reason for you hitting the plateau. Cutting down on your calories by eating food with high satiety like increasing protein, going for complex carbs instead of simple, etc can be ways to overcome the plateau.


Spicing your workout up with different types of exercises like cardio, strength, functional, etc. can help you come near your goal. Dividing your workout hours with different types of exercises, changing your workout schedule like going int he evenings instead of mornings, gradually increasing the intensity/time at the gym, etc. can be ways to revolutionize your workout.


One reason why the scale is not nudging is if the body is holding up water. Avoiding salty, sugary, processed food can be a way to avoid bloating.


Slugging away with the same diet and exercise regime since the past 8 weeks could be a reason for your plateau. Making certain lifestyle changes like increasing the time you’re physically active, sticking to the portion size recommended, sleeping for 7-8 hours, sipping in infused waters throughout your day, can help you escape the plateau.

Put these true and tried ways to act and you will soon forget the weight loss plateau. 

In the end, consider looking beyond the digits on the weighing scale and focus on being lean and healthy, performing better at the gym, losing inches and fitting well in your dresses, because these are the actual reasons to celebrate.