Women during their reproductive years, ranging from Menarche around age 12 years to Menopause around 40-50 years produce enough hormones to sustain their reproductive function.

Unfortunately, women are taking in a lot of extra hormones! 

How are they taking extra? 

In what forms are they buying hormones over the counter by friendly chemists? 

Why is an Emergency Pill (Ipill, Unwanted) taken as routine a contraception?

 Why are MTP kits sold over the counter without prescription?

It is shocking to realize that women and girls consult doctors only when things go wrong after taking extra hormones. 

Though these pills are not to be taken as a routine pill, young women across the country are not aware of the side-effects of the pills that are loaded with extra hormones. 

Extra Hormones can delay periods, make them erratic or irregular, play havoc with natural hormones produced by the body of a normal woman.

This has been going on for over 10 years, despite our government spending tons of money on Family Welfare. 

Prime Minister, Mr. Modi addressed the nation about the dreaded situation of rising numbers & need of Family Planning and Family Welfare in 2019's Independence Day speech and spread awareness about right of reproductive health to every woman in the remotest villages in India.

Years ago,women wanted to remain " Young Forever" & took Hormones after Menopause & 

Then there was controversy associated with HRT (Hormone Replacement Therapy) for Menopausal Women 1) Protect their bones from getting fractured and 2)Preventing their hearts from getting attacked Or Get Risks of Getting Cancers?

 Women got ready to accept ageing and wished for Healthy Ageing & Stopped HRT.

Over-the-counter contraceptive pills were strictly considered as "emergency pills" and not to be taken too often.

Thus, it is very important that young girls and women are educated about the deadly effects of overdose of hormones in the body. 

They have to be made aware about the safer ways to avoid pregnancy and that Emergency contraceptive pills should not be the last resort.