"Smile never goes out of style"

A beautiful smile is we all desire especially in today's world of social media and selfies where each look needs to be perfect. 

Here are few foods which can keep dental problems at bay and help give u confident smile and fresher breath:

Sipping water frequently can help reduce decay
  • Water: Celebrities to a dermatologist, we all swear benefits of water for glowing skin. However, the benefits of water just don’t limit to skin benefits. Water can also help cleanse teeth, increase salivary secretion. It also rinses off the acid produced by bacterial fermentation on teeth & help reduce chances of tooth decay.
  • Milk, cheese, yoghurt: We all surely know the benefits of milk, it provides the essential calcium for strengthening teeth. But did you know milk protein known as casein can help in remineralization of tooth surface & reduce sensitivity? Hard cheese can help to remove food particles acting as tooth scrubber.
Packed with not just health but Teeth benefits too
  • Broccoli: The green veggie we all love to hate, albeit the roughness of broccoli can provide you a mid-day brushing. This minimizes bad breath & chances of cavities. 
bright fruits for bright teeth
  • Strawberries: The red coloured fruit can actually whiten teeth. Enzymes present in strawberry can help to remove superficial stains &discoloration. Mashing and rubbing strawberry on teeth for 5 mins can help whitening teeth.
An apple a day can keep Dentist away
  • Apples, carrots: The crunchiness of apples & carrots can help in cleansing due to rubbing & cleansing effect of the fibres. The juices also help in reducing stains and remove bad breath from mouth. 
  • Orange, pineapple, lemon: Citrus & tart fruits can help in producing more saliva and also have a whitening effect on teeth
Fresher breath between brushing
  • Sugar-free gums: Consuming sugar-free gums in between your meals can help in cleansing mouth & also reduce the bad smell.  They can also help in reducing cavities and decay of teeth.

So go ahead, include these in your diet & face the world with gleaming smile.

As they say, "Smile is a curve that sets everything right !!"

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