1. Attempting to clean the ears regularly
    Ears are self cleaning.It is the only part of the body in which the skin grows in a direction & brings the wax & skin debris out from the canal to the outer ear.When you move your jaw & chew you're assisting this process. Wax has certain properties which kill certain types of bacteria & prevent the growth of fungus.
  2. Do not insert cotton swabs
  3. Do not insert any pointy objects.
  4. Do not instill any oil or any other liquid into the ear.
  5. In children who insert foreign objects into the ear please take them to an ENT surgeon who will safely remove these foreign bodies without injuring the ear or the ear drum.
  6. Do not expose the ear to very high frequency sounds One is liable to have permanent hearing loss because of the damage to the delicate hair cells in the inner ear.