Did you know, that green-tea has dental advantages, too, besides the obvious health benefits like weight-loss, healthy heart etc.?! How? Read on ..

  1. Cavity prevention: Green tea prevents tooth decay by controlling the number of bacteria, bringing down the acidity of saliva & minimize plaque build-up.
  2. Stronger Gums: The anti-inflammatory action of green tea prevents bleeding, swelling and recession of gums. This makes them stronger.
  3. Good-bye Bad-Breath: Green tea is even more effective than chewing gum & mint for breath control!
  4. Cancer-Control: The antioxidant (Catechin) found in green tea has been shown to slow down, stop, or even reverse many early/pre-cancerous lesions inside the mouth.

So how much green tea is good for you? 1-3 cups a day is great. But there are studies which show benefits upto 5 cups/day, too. Still, moderation is best, we feel!

Recipe for green tea Bring fresh, clean water to a boil. Let it cool for 3 min. Pour this water over green tea leaves/ teabag and let them stay steeped for 3 min. Do not add sugar/honey/sweetener! Your green-tea is ready!!

Side-effect of green tea : Mild to moderate staining of teeth has been observed if too much green tea is consumed on a daily basis. This is reversible (by dental polishing), and can be prevented by rinsing mouth with water immediately after consuming tea, using dental-floss and 6-monthly dental check-ups.

To sum-up - The advantages of Green Tea are many. Include this in your daily routine for HAPPY SMILES.

Keep smiling. :)