‘The world is small’ I doubt that the people who coined this phrase ages ago figuratively actually visualized the world becoming so small, literally. So small that physical distances have ceased to exist. Facebook, WhatsApp, Instagram etc., all have given a whole new definition to ‘family bonds’ and ‘friend circles.’ Families that earlier used to bond with each other over dinner tables on weekends now are forever ‘bonded’ over the internet sharing pictures, jokes, anecdotes and what not. 

Technology has hit us like a blizzard, invaded our homes, our lives and let’s not forget our bodies too! I mean no offence to this new-age technology, after all I also contribute my two-penny bit to congest the skies a wee bit more. In fact we all do. All of us who work on computers, use smart phones, use internet connection, use mobile applications, use internet banking and hordes of other services that I still need to educate myself about. 

A wi-fi connection in one part of the house gives us internet access in another. It shouldn’t come as a surprise then that there are certain radiations and waves that do the trick. They are like invisible threads of rays that run through your house. Visualize the web of a spider, its thin yarn all wrapped around you, running from your bedroom to the kids’ room, to the lobby, to the kitchen and wherever you can see the internet signal on your phone. I don’t mean to make it sound like a lament and end up offending a huge chunk of this generation whose life literally hangs by these very threads, they can’t eat, sleep, walk, read and even do some very primary morning chores without their cell phones. My 20 year old son happens to fall in this category of ‘Net-Using-Type’ or as I fondly call it the ‘NUT’ syndrome. He practically lives like a zombie. With head bowed in front of us at all times and eyes fixed on the screen. I wonder when was the last time he looked at me in the eyes and spoke to me. 

The point that I am trying to make here is that when there is so much dependence on something, there is bound to be price for it too! Period. These waves and radiations that float around unchecked in our households with our permission create an imbalance in the environment. Imbalance in the ionization of the air that we breathe. 

A perfectly harmonized environment would be where there is a balance between the positive and negative ionization in the air. 

Negative ions in the air are nature’s cleansers, they clean the air of impurities, keeping it fit for you to breathe. Positive ions on the other hand are emitted in abundance from electronic devices, phones, tablets, laptops, TVs and all other electrical gadgets that throng our households these days. The result: Too much positive ionization.

No wonder that a short weekend trip to the beach, or the mountains or even a small nature walk does to your mind what all the spas and discotheques in the world cannot. The secret lies in the air around that place. The air is so laden with negative ions that relaxes and calms your mind. Natural waterfalls are the richest source of negative ions. 

Salt rooms are a haven for negative ions owing to the tons of salt on their walls and ceiling since salt is rich in negative ions. So perhaps a session in the salt room is all you need to unwind and de-stress your mind!