Summer is coming. It may mean a lot of things to enjoy, but one thing that can be irritating is that sticky sweating feeling and the worst still the worry of being smelly. So here are some ways to stay cooler drier and sweat-free this season- 

1. Shower twice a day - Taking a bath twice a day is a perfect solution for those who sweat excessively. It not only cools you during the summer months but also targets your body odor.

2. Get your summer wardrobe right - In summers, avoid wearing tight clothes that restrict your circulation. So make it a point to wear loose and airy clothes. Avoid synthetic fabrics as much as possible, and opt for cotton fabrics such as cotton that absorbs sweat from your body. It works like a towel wicking the moisture away from your skin and discouraging the growth of bacteria and yeast.

3. Use Weather Appropriate Products - Thick creams you were using through the winter months won’t do you any good now. Go for lighter lotions and serums. Gel-based moisturizers and sunscreens are best for those with oily skin. Avoid using heavy foundations and too much makeup as it can lead to clogged pores and acne. Try using water-resistant products as they will withstand your summer sweating better. It is always better to use products after consultation with a dermatologist.

4. Shave Regularly - Sweat accumulates around hair- base, and this can lead to bacteria growth which creates that odor you want to avoid. So it’s a good idea to get rid of the unwanted hair that may start giving a foul smell due to sweating. Opting for laser hair reduction is one of the best and long-lasting solutions.

5. Food And Drinks To Avoid And Those That Can Help - Certain foods and drinks can make you sweat more such as coffee, spicy food, alcohol. These foods can trigger your sweat glands, so best to be avoided if possible. Fruit juices and seasonal fruits should be taken as these are loaded with antioxidants. Make sure you drink plenty of water.

6. Antiperspirant With Deodorant - Deodorant covers the strong smell of sweating but one also needs an antiperspirant to control the extreme sweat during the day. A combination of antiperspirant and deodorant will keep your body odor-free.

7. Use Antibacterial Soap - Antibacterial soap helps to counter the bacteria of the body, which further helps to lessen the foul smell. Take advice from your dermatologist to select the soap as per your body type.