Maintaining one’s weight is one of the biggest challenges faced by men and women everywhere. The common misconception everywhere is that weight loss means shedding kilos, but it is not so. One should try for fat loss, not weight loss as it is fat that is stored in our bodies and causes overweight. We mainly want to lose weight in the four important areas:

✓ Arms

✓ Thighs

✓ Belly and

✓ Hips

It is possible to get slimmer without losing weight. It is achieved by gaining muscle. You can accomplish an even-toned body by following a simple regimen of exercise and correct food intake. How to see whether you have lost fat?

1) Clothes fitting pattern: When the tight fitting clothes start to get loose, it means the fat loss is in the process of happening. By trying the tight clothes once a month, one can measure whether they are getting back in shape or not.

2) Measuring oneself: Taking measurements at regular intervals will also help in tracking the fat loss. It is also a great motivator for getting back in shape.

3) Use body fat scale: Many scales are available to measure the body fat of a person. It is present in the market in various price ranges or a workout place like gym or club. Body fat can also be measured using an online application.Using them regularly helps is checking body fat loss.

4) Set goals: Before embarking on any fat loss schedule, it is best to focus on set goals like completing specific workouts or abstaining from any food and so on. Setting a goal and achieving that goal is the best motivator for fat loss.When thinking about shaping your body, it is always better to go for a fat loss rather weight loss as staying healthy is more important.