Our school and college days play a vital role in our lives and the exam time is the most dreaded part of the year. Our parents tend to take special care of our health at this time as they don't want to us to get down with some sickness and not give our best in exams. 

Research has proved that the food we eat directly affects our performance in exams. 

There are some food items that have to be taken and many that have to be avoided at this time.


1. Drink lot of water and drinks that make your body cool as studying late into the night will increase the body heat.

2. Eat fresh vegetables and fruits.

3. Almonds, other nuts and sprouts are a must in your diet.

4. Try Having Mixed Balance Diet- Moderate CHO, a High-protein with essential fats, this will help you to be more alert and avoid sleepiness during studies.

5. Include good quality proteins like Fish, Eggs, Milk products, Sprouts etc.6. Munch Fruits and Vegetables in between as to keep going for long hours.


1. Avoid outside food until the end of exams.

2. Junk food and oily food slows down your body, so avoid it.

3. Do not take too much of coffee and tea for staying awake as they can cause acidity and heat burn.

4. Do not forget any meals but eat only for half your appetite or we will feel sleepy.

5. Avoid long gaps between meals.

6. Don't try any new meals.These food habits are to be followed on a regular basis, but if it is not possible to make sure it is followed during the exam time.