Facial skin is a sensitive part of our body. That’s why dermatologists don’t recommend using any chemical products on the face including hair removal creams. If we talk about a tweezer or use of threading or a razor one has to deal with the pain, redness, and allergies in some rare cases. Also, none of the aforementioned methods provide a long-term solution. If not removed, you can still hide unwanted hair on your body with clothes but you can’t hide your facial hair. Mainly the uncontrollable hair growth on the eyebrows becomes a challenge for the women in order to look groomed.  


Your face represents you, so why would you take any risk? 

Vanity is an important aspect of being a female. Eyebrows form an important part of the face and play a role in giving our face its identity. Don’t Worry! If you don’t like going through the pain of threading or plucking your eyebrow hair, the latest laser technique is super-effective for facial hair removal including the eyebrows shaping. It is quick and has minimal downtime. So, let’s discuss this technique of hair removal that offers painless eyebrow shaping by laser. Women try everything to achieve perfectly carved eyebrows like repeated plucking, tweezing, threading and even waxing all of which are painful. 

The latest technology of lasers can bring your pain to an end. Here at our clinic, we offer a simple and comfortable method of eyebrow shaping by laser hair removal using the special eyebrow tip. The procedure requires multiple sittings and with subsequent sittings the hair growth reduces and you only need to visit us occasionally.

How does it work?

The procedure involves marking the skin and then shaving off the excess hair and shaping it with a special razor, after which the laser shots are given at specific parameters set for each patient according to their hair and skin type. The laser light targets the melanin of hair root and thus causes only hair removal without any damage to the skin of the patient. However, as the target is melanin laser has less effect on blonde or grey hair. 


1. Patients are advised pre and post procedure not to remove hair by waxing, tweezing or threading, as it may affect the end result.    

2. The procedure should always be performed by the hands of a skilled laser technician under the supervision of a qualified dermatologist.

Who should get it done?

We would recommend this procedure to all of you with thick eyebrow, unibrow or faster hair growth and you will be amazed at the results. It's going to make your life so much simpler!