Gallbladder stone is a common disease, Whenever patient present with any abdomen complain the commonest investigation done is ultrasound abdomen as it is readily available and non-invasive thats why nowadays we more often see patients of asymptomatic gallstone disease means who never have symptom due to gall-stone and the commonest question of these patients is now what to do, what can be the complications of these stones

The most common first symptom due to gallbladder stone is right upper abdomen pain and pain frequency increases after the first episode and so the complication rate, But there are few patients who present straight forward with some of the complications due to gallbladder stone such as pancreatitis/cholangitis/jaundice/gallbladder cancer

Jaundice occur when the stone passes into the Common bile duct and causes obstruction to the passage of bile and if it causes infection in the bile patient develop fever a condition termed as cholangitis which is a serious condition that require urgent biliary decompression; Biliary pancreatitis occur when stone causes temporary blockage of pancreatic duct which can be life threatening if it is severe in intensity; Long standing gallbladder stone causes gallbladder cancer because of recuurent inflammation