Fragility fractures are the fractures that may occur due to normal activities or from slight traumas. These types of fractures are usually pathological like due to osteoporosis, bone cyst or cancerous lesion. Most common out of these is bone thinning or osteoporosis. It is important to avoid such activities that may cause fractures in osteoporosis. Some of the common reasons of fragility fractures are listed below


Fall is the most common cause of fractures in the elderly due to weak muscles. Imbalance, impaired eyesight, etc can also contribute to this situation. It is important to avoid fall as much as possible. Regular mild exercise can help in making muscles strong and also improve bone density. Place of walking should also be well lit to avoid seeing the difficulty.


Direct trauma or a road traffic accident can be a nightmare for an osteoporotic person. It is important to take safety measures like wearing a helmet, avoiding crowded places to keep away from trauma.

Lifting heavyweight

lifting heavyweight should be avoided at any cost as it can lead to vertebrae fractures that are difficult to heal and can cause serious disability. Lifting heavy can also cause forearm or wrist fractures.

Also, patients with osteoporosis condition should regularly be in touch with their Orthopaedic Doctor. In the case of fragility fractures, a patient should be taken directly to the emergency room of a well-equipped hospital.