When we cross the age of 40, our body generally turns more prone to weight gain, especially around the belly where fat deposits more easily. This happens due to the change of hormones in our body, slowing metabolism, and loss of muscles. Also, a person could be genetically predisposed to gain weight easily. Some of you may not be gaining major weight but there could be silent inches gain around the waist. This weight gain is both frustrating and an invitation to all kinds of diseases.

According to Nutritionist and Dietician, Avni Kaul losing weight after 40 isn’t impossible. Yes, it may be challenging in today’s scenario if you are seriously following social distancing and restricting outdoor movement. You can lose weight with indoor exercises, by enrolling in online diet programs and by following these nutrition and diet tips.

Carbohydrate – Reduce but don’t stop the daily intake of carbohydrates.

There is a common weight loss myth that to shed the extra kilos, you should starve, skip means, and stop taking carbohydrates. Don’t’ do that! Because cutting out carbohydrates completely can deprive the body of important nutrients and can lead to unwanted side effects like constipation, fatigue, and mood swings, etc.

The best resolution is to take high-quality carbohydrates and think of them as a smaller add-on to a meal, rather than the main attraction. Like you may reduce intake of rice and chappatis but supplement that with beetroots, oats, or citrus fruits. Instead of having rice complemented with dal and vegetables, have a little more quantity of dal (that you may usually take) and complement with lesser quantity (than you usually take) of rice or roti.

Start being careful with alcohol intake

After 40, it’s best to check your alcohol intake. However, liquor taken in moderation may not adversely affect your weight though it may be psychologically tricky. Moderate alcohol consumption means taking one glass of red wine or a small peg of whiskey, twice or thrice a week in normal health condition. But usually, it is not easy to check alcohol consumption.

If the person is drinking half a bottle of scotch most nights, there could be several issues at work. Alcohol tends to lower inhibitions and stimulate appetite, so you may end up eating more, often mindlessly.

Keep a check on your stress levels

Stress can make one gain belly fat by forcing the adrenal glands to produce cortisol, which is also known as the stress hormone. High cortisol levels boost appetite and make way for abdominal fat storage. Therefore, bring yoga and meditation into your life. That will help in weight management and also with hypertension, diabetes, and psychological conditions.

Refrain from imbibing sugar-sweetened beverages

Sugar-sweetened beverages like soda, sweet tea, artificial fruit juices, are loaded with liquid fructose, which can trigger weight gain and belly fat growth. In fact,  sugary drinks lead to increased fat in the liver. Thus after 40, it’s time to cut consumption of cold drinks and artificial juices and if possible,  minimize sugar intake in your daily tea and coffee.