Four Sight Saving Rules For Diwali

With Diwali and other colourful festivities round the corner, every household is bustling with activity. Buying new clothes, distributing sweets and gifts among friends and family marks the joy of the season. But for eye hospitals it means gearing up for a new batch of firecracker injuries in the eyes, especially among children. This Diwali follow these 4 simple rules to protect your loved young ones from harm.

1. Children should never burst crackers without adult supervision

Every child has an adventure in mind. Having a level headed adult watching over them is a must while playing with fireworks. Teach them to keep an arm's distance from all flames and sparks. Sensitise them to the possibilities of injuries and pain when they handle fire. A safe practice is to keep all the fire crackers together but far away from naked flames of candles and lamps. Demarcate a cracker bursting zone in the open and encourage the children to use only that spot. Dispose burnt out sparklers in a specific collection area.

2. Bystanders and Onlookers are at higher risk of injury 

Inculcate the habit of wearing protective eye wear while playing with fireworks or even watching them. It is common to see children suffer injuries when they are spectators than when they burst them themselves. Contact lenses are best avoided if you are planning to burst crackers yourselves. Spectacles are your best bet.

3. Drinking water for irrigating injured eyes

In case of an injury with the sparks of a sparkler or an explosion close to the face, avoid rubbing the eyes. Use drinking water to generously irrigate the eyes. Wash hands with soap and water before trying to open the eyelids or clean the eyes. The chemical residue from crackers in your hands can get in to the eye causing further damage. Keep water in a bucket ready for such emergencies.

4. Consult your nearest eye care service for any emergency

Early intervention has saved many people from serious damage to the eyes and the surrounding region. Do not try to medicate the injured person yourself. Consult an expert. Keep the Fire service number and your eye-care service provider's number handy.

The last but not the least, Have A Safe & Happy Diwali!