METABOLISM: It is a chemical process which takes place in living organism and helps in maintaining life. It is a process in which the body converts food that we eat into energy. People who are blessed with slow metabolism are usually on the fatty side.

By changing your lifestyle and balancing your plate you can balance your weight and metabolism.


  • EAT ENOUGH: Eat enough does not mean you have to eat more in one go. Eating enough means have small meals in regular interval of time so as to maintain the energy level which will also increase your metabolism and will also lead to weight loss. Eating in every 2-3 hours will keep you full and you won't binge.
  • WATER INTAKE: Increase water intake as it will keep you hydrated plus it will help you in releasing out the toxins from body in form of sweat and urine. It is the most important component of body. It will also help in improving your skin and also improve your metabolism which help in weight loss.
  • REPLACE FAT WITH FIBER: Replace fatty and fried food with fiber as fiber will provide you with feeling of fullness and provide you with more energy as compared to fried food. After having fried or oily meal one feel more lethargic and also more energy is required to digest the fried food. Eating fried food more often also lead to acne problems and also lead to weight gain issues.
  • INCLUDE PROTEIN: Always include protein in your diet as it will help in maintaining muscle tissue and will also help in converting fat into muscle mass. More protein intake will also increase your metabolism and provide you satiety which will lead to weight loss.
  • ANTI OXIDANTS: Include food which are rich in antioxidants as it will help in boosting metabolism. Rich anti-oxidant food like broccoli, strawberry, raspberry, kale, kiwi, etc.


  • EGG WHITE: Egg whites are rich in protein and they are also rich in vitamin-D. 
  • LEAN MEAT: They are full of Iron. Eat 2-3 daily servings of iron rich food such as chicken, green leafy vegetable,etc.
  • CHILLY PEPPERS: They contain capsaicin which can give a kick to metabolism. It is also a good source of vitamin-C.
  • GREEN TEA: Drinking green tea twice or thrice a day also help in increasing the metabolism as it has fat burning properties present in it. Before bed time drinking green tea is not advised as it will interfere in sleep.
  • WHOLE GRAINS: They help in burning fat as they consume more energy during the breakdown process. They are rich in fiber like oats, brown rice, daliya, etc
  • LENTILS: Most women today are iron deficient. Our body cannot work efficiently if there is lack in nutrients in your diet. When there is lack in nutrients the metabolism slows down.

Don't go for dietary supplements which promises to boost up the metabolism, as they have a side effect on your body. Go for natural and healthy method for boosting up your metabolism.

For a healthy and balanced diet consult an experienced dietitian. Enjoy journey to health!