At forties? Experiencing the wild range of raging hormones, crazy workload, exhausted energy levels and bizzare body changes? Also worried about what to eat and what to avoid? 

Here's five f's - fit foods for females @ forties 

1. Get calcium for strong bones

Take two servings of skimmed milk and its products like curds and paneer to keep yourself fit. Green leafy vegetables, pulses and dry fruits are good sources of calcium.include regional and seasonal varieties of veggies .Go out to enjoy sunshine for fit body  and healthy mind.

2. Become iron lady

Eat at least 3 servings of iron rich foods a day. It is found in lean red meat, chicken, fish and eggs. Greens are also good sources of iron.

3. Eat fiber to motivate intestines

You may be experiencing constipation now a days. Have plenty of fiber rich foods to relieve yourself from the same. Enjoy whole grain breads and cereals, fresh fruits and veggies in your daily diet.

4. Treat yourself with water 

Instead of colas, packaged juices, coffee and alcohol opt for plain and humble glass of water to quench your thirst.

5. Maintain healthy weight

Hormonal changes may bring in weight gain. Try to maintain your weight as it can cause problems for bones, spine, heart and other organs. Visit a dietician to figure out diet plan for you.

6. Cut back on salt and sugar

Too much sodium in the diet is linked to high blood pressure. Cut down on tinned, bottled, processed and preserved food. Too much sugar can increase weight. Avoid fast foods as they are high in unhealthy fats and carbs and also loaded with extra salt which can be the cause of water retention.

7. Cut down on high fat foods 

Read labels carefully. Foods with transfats, cholesterol and saturated fats can clog the network of arteries. So, its the time to limit intake of whole milk, butter, some margarines, red meat and your favourite scoop of ice cream.

8. Soya is your best friend now onwards

Plant based foods that have isoflavones work as weak hormones for the body which relieve of hot flashes and night sweats. Include soyabeans, soya granules, tofu and soya milk in your daily diet.

9. Youthful skin with good nutrition

Include flax seeds in your daily diet. Also include olive oil, almonds, citrus fruits and fish in the diet plan.

10. Exercise daily

Exercise has many perks aside from weight loss like it strengthens bones, helps in controlling sugar, good for digestion, relieves from stress and thus improves overall health. So get up and get going. 

Now start climbing the stairs of age with healthy body. Ready, steady and go.