The sperm quantity and quality both equally manages the chances of conception. Usually low sperm counts are having obvious reasons but high sperm count may also results into similar consequences because of high density and slower movement. Majorly stress, exposure to toxins, genetics and food which you eat generally governs the quality and quantity levels of sperms. Usually in-fertilization is a serious matter today’s era due to unhealthy lifestyle. As per the recent researchers, food can affect the sperm count in effective manner. A medical dietitian can make your sperm count better with the diet alone. 

How sperm count can be corrected:

  1. More of healthy fats- Human male serum is large part of steroid which is chemically a fat. A health fat intake can maintain the viscosity and sperm production. Fats are required for the sperm production but it is usually hampered by stress by oxidative degeneration. External intake of polyunsaturated fats marks the difference. Usually milk products were given in old days which had the same reason to maintain the libido.
  2. Vitamin C- Take more of citrus fruits such as gooseberries. They surely protect your sperms from Oxidative degeneration
  3. Cut shot Smoking, Alcohol and junk- Since these malpractices can cause high level for free radical production which results in dip on sperm count.
  4. Vitamins B12- Don’t forgets to take vitamin B12 in your diet since surely enhance the male fertility. If you don’t love soy products start loving them because they can fetch you abundant vitamin B12.
  5. Antioxidants- Green veggies and fruits will keep your sex life healthy. They simply make you more fertile and regulate the sperm count.

Dangerous conditions for sperm count:

There are some conditions which need to be taken care of, as they have serious effects on the count of sperms and the fertility can be affected.

  • Pre-diabetic and Diabetic Conditions.
  • Excessive use of laptops keeping them on the lap.
  • Excessive masturbation
  • Taking too much stress.
  • Following unhealthy life style.
  • Improper sleep
  • Excess use of drugs like pain killers.

The myth that sperms are not affected by food you eat is simply wrong. Do eat what makes you fit. Ask your dietitian for the better options because right food is the savior from many ailments.