"Swasthya swasthya rakshanam, aaturasay vikar prashamanam"

This means to keep the healthy person healthy forever and treat the diseased person.

Usually, people visit the doctor when they are sick. Of course, it's ok but if we concentrate on not being sick, life will be wonderful.

Ayurveda is the path to such wonderful healthy life.

Causes of physical and mental sickness:

  • Poor lifestyle
  • Irregular eating habits
  • Consuming incompatible food items
  • Night awakening
  • Unnecessary self-medication
  • Lack of socialism due to busy lifestyle (the main cause of mental disorders)

All the above disturb the metabolic system, which leads to many diseases.

Ayurveda provides the full guidance about healthy lifestyle and what to eat.

In a particular season, consumption of light and nutritious food, compatibility of food items like milk should not be consumed with curd and green vegetables and salty and sour food items. There are so many tips to keep the metabolic system healthy. If the metabolic system is perfect then there are very little chances of being sick. If one can follow the Ayurveda, can stay healthy forever.