People have long been arguing about the benefits of adding fluoride to municipal drinking supplies. Some argue that supplemental fluoride reduces tooth decay or cavities and improves dental health while the opponents say that it is harmful to our health and well being.

As per a report published by the American Dental Association, fluoride in water is safe and it works. Optimal levels of fluoride in community water has proved to be effective in preventing tooth decay in children and adults by up to 25%. 

Fluoride in water is safe and effective when consumed within limits. Saves dental treatment cost. A very small amount of fluoride is naturally available in water.

But then, why are there are some people that say fluoride is bad for consumption? The answer to this depends on the amount of consumption.

In conclusion, fluoride, that’s been added to water supply or the fluoride in your toothpaste is of low concentration and it’s not dangerous and can offer great benefits to dental health. On the other hand, excessive consumption of the same can cause harm to your health.