1. MYTH: Teeth cleaning or scaling weakens the teeth.
    TRUTH: Scaling removes the calculus (deposits)from the teeth and gums and keeps them healthy.It prevents loss of bone around the teeth.Also it prevents the problem of bad breath and gum bleeding.Thus it is beneficial for healthy gums and teeth.Thus one should get a professional cleaning done by a qualified dentist.
  2. MYTH: Only sugar causes cavities.
    TRUTH: Cavities occur when bacteria produce acids in the mouth which begins by any carbohydrate intake.To reduce cavities one should practice good oral care as well as reduce intake of refined foods.
  3. MYTH: Pregnant women should not brush their teeth.
    TRUTH: Hormonal changes during pregnancy can lead to exaggerated response to the bacteria and plaque in the teeth.This causes gum infection and bleeding. Hence pregnant females must make an extra effort to keep their teeth clean and avoid dental problems (this is a very popular practice in rural as well as urban parts of our country where expecting females are asked not to brush their teeth during the term by elderly people of the family).
  4. MYTH: Any dental treatment during pregnancy is not safe.
    TRUTH: Dental treatments can be done at any time during pregnancy.However the best time to perform any elective procedure is second trimester.Emergency dental treatment can be performed immediately.Regarding the dental X rays,the exposure of X rays during a dental radio graph is not sufficient to cause any harm to the growing fetus. No such case has been reported till date but it must be done only in cases of emergency and should be avoided if possible.Cosmetic dental treatment such as bleaching, veneering,orthodontic treatment etc. should be postponed.
  5. MYTH: Children’s teeth do not need dental treatment as they have to go anyway.
    TRUTH: The milk teeth in children not only help them in mastication but also act as space maintainers. They guide their permanent successors in proper position so children need to get regular dental checkups done and proper oral health maintenance just like adults.