Fracture is one of the commonest Orthopaedic problems all over the world. Fractures are unexpected and usually happen in homes due to falls or in road due to accidents. Hence, it is necessary to know how to give first aid in such situation while hurrying them to the emergency room. Here are a few tips on what to do during such a scenario.


The fractured part should be protected to avoid any further injury.  If the fracture is in upper extremity in can be supported with a stick, newspaper, pillow etc depending on the availability and put on a sling that can be made with a cloth. Don’t tie the protective dressing too tight or it may cause pain. Remove any watch or other accessories.

Check circulation

Check pulse of the person. If you are unable to find pulse then there may be a chance of blood vessel injury. Hurry the person to the emergency room so that person can be assessed by a trained professional and treated before any damage occurs.

Cold pack

Applying cold can reduce swelling and pain in the area. It also causes blood vessels to constrict and reduce blood loss, which can help if there is any open wound. Put some ice cubes in a clean plastic bag and apply on the affected area.


Elevate the fractured area if possible to avoid swelling that can compress the blood vessels and nerves. It can also reduce the amount of blood loss. Try to elevate it above the level of heart while transporting the patient to hospital.

First Aid can help in avoiding post fracture complications and many times it can save lives and prevent disability.