The threat of heart attack is something that is always lurking at everyone’s life. Walking on the streets, on the elevators and driving a car, you are never protected against the threat of heart attack as it can come suddenly without any signs. Imagine the scenario; someone is having a heart attack and you are not an expert healthcare professional who do not know the CPR. The ambulance has not reached the spot yet and the person needs immediate attention as every counting second can prove fatal.  So here are some tips or actions to do when you see suspect someone is having a heart attack.

  • Tip #1 Let some air in

Do not Surround.

Probably the worst thing people do is they surround the person having a heart attack which can cause lack of air supply and worsening of the condition. The person might feel shortness of breath, pain in the chest,unconsciousness.

  • Tip #2 Avoid Choking

Avoid Choking.

The person having a heart attack might feel nauseous and in severe cases might fell unconscious, increasing the risk of choking on vomit.

Tip #3 Check the pulse:

Check the Pulse

Steadily secure the neck position of the person having heart attack and check his pulse, a low and dropping pulse is an indication that blood pressure is decreasing.

  • Tip #4 Raise the legs: If you suspect the pulse is going down, try to place some cushioning beneath the legs of the person to improve the blood supply to the heart.
  • Tip #5 Do not give water: Do not give water to drink to the patient as studies have shown it could prove harmful in some cases.If needed just some small sips can be given.
  • Tip #6 Do not Pop that Aspirin: A lot of people have that half knowledge about medicines and try to implement in the catastrophic situation. Aspirin is a famous blood thinning medicine and widely used in heat attack ,but do you know that giving  aspirin the person having might cause serious damage in some cases? So one should avoid giving any medications to the person and leave this in the hands of the doctors.