Multiple factors cause skin to age, some are internal factors which cause ageing, and some are external factors. Intrinsic ageing is a natural ageing process which cannot be changed. Skin becomes thinner, drier with ageing. It’s natural to get some visible lines and loose youthfulness.

However, one can definitely influence extrinsic ageing. Our lifestyle and environmental factors can cause early ageing which can be controlled by modifying lifestyle and delaying ageing process.

What happens to your skin when you get older?

Collagen and elastin are two proteins which play a major role in skin ageing. Collagen is something like cement between two bricks which holds the cells together and gives strength to your skin. Elastin is responsible for elasticity of your skin. Due to ageing both these proteins get degraded and skin becomes thinner and loose.

How to reduce pre mature ageing of skin ?

  1. Sunscreen -Sun plays a major role in pre mature ageing of skin , applying sunscreen is a basic anti ageing  tip. One should make a habit of applying sunscreen on all sun exposed areas at least 20 mins before stepping out and repeat every 3-4 hrs if out door.
  2. Smoking -  Smoking causes oxidative damage to skin leading wrinkles , dull complexion which lead to pre mature ageing.
  3. Diet -  diet also influence ageing. Studies have found that eating lots of fresh fruits, green leafy vegetables, salads prevent cell damage and prevent pre mature ageing, ,and diet containing lots of sugar accelerate ageing. Adequate water intake is also equally important .
  4. Alcohol - Alcohol causes dehydration and skin will look lustreless and start showing signs of early ageing.
  5. Exercise - Regular workouts helps in improving blood circulation and draining toxins from your skin, also boost immune system .Meditation also helps in overall health of your skin.
  6. Sleep - Regular adequate sleep helps in over all health of the individual and youthful appearance.
  7. Skin care - Regular suitable cleansers and moisturisers help in maintaining healthy skin. Avoid too many over the counter beauty products which may cause dry and irritated skin .

Anti ageing treatment options available-

Anti ageing treatments can be broadly categorized into surgical and non surgical. Non surgical tried and tested result oriented treatment options which are specific and can be customized for individual needs are-

  • Hyluronicacid fillers
  • Chemical peels
  • Boutulinum toxin A
  • Micro needle radio frequency
  • Platelet rich plasma (PRP)
  • Fine thread contouring
  • Lasers- Er Glass laser, Co2 laser

When all these above treatments are done by an experienced Dermatologist one can get amazing results for their concerns. After all who don’t want to look young and confident.