Are you unsatisfied with your penis size? Want it bigger and better? If yes then why you want penis enlargement? If you think that having an enlarged penis will give your partner better sexual satisfaction or healthy intercourse, then you are wrong. Even average-sized pennies can give satisfaction at the time of intercourse. If you are looking for enlargement of your penis then there are few facts you must know.

How to measure penis size?

The right way for measuring a penis to get accurate length is by going for Bone Pressed Erect Length.

What is the average size of a penis?

 As per a medical study published in Sexual Medicine journal in erected position the average size of a penis measures to 5.6 inches in length and 4.8 inches in circumference.

What is the biggest and largest sized human penis?

The smallest measured penis found in human is 0.30 inches. While on the other hand the largest penis in human found so far measured lengthwise 13.5 inches and in width 6.25 inches.  

Is a small-sized penis a problem for successful penetration and intercourse?

Size of the Penis is a matter of concern if it is smaller than 1.4 inches at the time of birth and for adult males, if it is lower than 3 2/3 inches in adult males. This size of Penises will fall under the category of micro-penis. In such cases, the doctor may recommend treatments or even surgery for the enlargement of the penis.

If you feel that your sexual life is unsatisfactory one and that too just because of the small-sized penis, then meet a sexologist today for penis enlargement. There are various ways in which enlargement of this male organ can be done.