Exercise or vyayam is mentioned as part of daily routine ( dincharya) in ayurveda, today when people are becoming more aware about exercising it very important to know some basic things about exercise.

What are the benefits of exercising?

* Regular exercise make body strong and flexible. 

* Improves digestive strength.

* Improves blood circulation thus helps in providing nutrition to body tissue and removing toxins.

* Increases immunity.

* It relax mind, improves memory and concentration capacity.

* No other medicine is as effective as exercise in case of obesity.

* It helps in preventing and curing lifestyle diseases like hypertension, diabetes, obesity etc.

* Good for joint and muscle, prevent joint problems.

* Best anti aging.

* Increases body capacity to tolerate thirst, hunger, hot and cold climate.

What is the best time to exercise?

As exercise increases vata and pitta dosha in body, so kapha time which is 6am to 10am is the best time for exercise, during this time due to dominance of kapha dosha, body's strength and stamina is maximum so it also helps in all kind of exercise. 

What if you regularly exercise in pitta and vata time of day? 

In Pitta dominant time of day (10am-2pm) if you exercise it disturbs digestion, you feel more exhausted, pitta disorder like bleeding problems, skin problems, fever may occur. If you exercise in vata part of day which is (2pm to 6pm) you feel tired, body pain, headache and disturbed sleep. 

How much one should exercise?

To this there is no fixed rule for all it depends on many factors like age, body type, physical condition, time and season, for example kapha body type need rigorous workout on the other hand vata person need mild. Still it is mentioned that one should do exercise to his half strength which can be understood when sweat appears on forehead, nose and thighs, breathing become difficult one should stop doing exercise.        

In summer and rainy season exercise mild to moderate. In winter and spring do exercise to your full capacity. Over exercise is also harmful, instead of feeling energetic you feel tired, it decreased body's strength and cause problems like cough, fever, joint pain,muscle pain, dehydration, bleeding disorder etc. So keep above point in mind to get maximum benefits from exercising. Exercise is only a part of daily routine don't make it motto of your life.