Falls Prevention Awareness Day :

Better Health Services are increasing the Longevity of life & the World wide population of Senior citizens.

Some Health Problems are unique to Senior Citizens (Elderly), Falls due to imbalance is a serious problem in elderly.

W.H.O. studies say:

1. Senior Citizens have more than 2 episodes of Fall / Year.

2. Falls result in temoprary or Permanent Diability with long duration hospital stays and severe financial losses.

3. Falls resulting in head injuries or fractures are main cause of death, even after treatment.

Falls Prevention Awareness Day, aims to spread awareness and sensitize the society, on this serious health issue of Elderly.

Some reasons of fall in elderly:

1. General debility, Arthritis and joint pains.

2. Uncontrolled BP, Diabetes

3. Vision problems (Cataract / uncorrected falling Vision)

4. Neurological & Psychiatric illnesses (Parkinson etc) 

How to Prevent Falls:

1. Regular Exercise, proper nutrition.

2. Using Proper doses of medicines as instructed by Doctors, discuss Dizziness / Imbalance - use medicine for prevention, if approved by Doctor.

3. Yearly Visit to Ophthalmologist (correction of vision / cataract issues)

4. Proper Lighting at Home, Anti Slip flooring.

5. Spread the awareness, don't be shy to accept help.

Remember Old age is also a phase of Life, Don't forget to enjoy it.