Is your IVF Failed? 

Are you upset with your failed IVF? 

Watch the story of one of our most complicated case in IVF.

Failed IVF cycle is always a distressful situation for the couples. It not only creates mental frustration but it also affects the family and marital life. our one of the case is also going through the same when they came to us. 36 yrs old patient with four failed cycles of IVF. And there are many complications with her when she came to India IVF Clinic to consult Dr Richika Sahay Shukla. The patient has been diagnosed with the Bilateral hydrosalpinx with adenomyosis with endometriosis, laparoscopic bilateral tubal clipping followed by IVF was done, resulted in heterotopic pregnancy. But the most complicated thing about this pregnancy is that the patient acquired one ectopic pregnancy and the other was interstitial pregnancy. But with the team work of Dr Richika and other doctors, the interstitial pregnancy removed and patient has given birth to a baby boy.