Acne is skin condition that occurs when hair follicles become blocked by pollution, dead skin, oil from skin. later on if left untreated it may create black spots , boils & become more prone to infection & allergies. According to Ayurveda its due to increased heat, impure blood & lifestyle + food habits. 


1) Hormonal changes during puberty

2) Smoking 

3) Drinks - alcohol as well carbonated soft drinks like thumbs up, pepsi, cola etc. 

4) Digestion problems -like indigestion, constipation etc. nowadays junk food is the major problem.

5) Medical conditions - medication for different problems like fever, infection etc.

6) Females - menstrual cycle problems (hormonal like PCOS, dysmenorrhea, irregular periods etc.

7) Infections or allergies 


1) Wash face at regular intervals with water that will removes excessive oil & pollution + provides proper hydration to face.

2) Local -herbal ayurvedic face wash & face pack according to skin condition to clean face deeply.

3) Lifestyle modifications is must like early to rise, doing regular exercise, meditation 

4) Adapt healthy food diet & minimum 3 meals a day that helps to maintain body heat (PITTA) in control.

5) Medicines to detoxify body & purification of blood in day to day life. 

6) Ayurvedic therapy - RAKTAMOKSHAN & VIRECHAN which help to detoxify body internally & improves healthy skin texture . we have seen glow & fair skin after virechan in 30% female patients.

7) Ayurvedic Combination therapy to stop further formation of pimples, tone up skin & improve glow of skin natural way in which we use potential herbs like neem, sariva, khadir etc.