Preservation of good eyesight is almost impossible without proper eye education and mental relaxation. The quieter the mind, better is the eyesight. To ensure your eyes remain healthy, follow these instructions:

  • General habits for eye care:

  1. Blink right: Blinking is a quick method to give rest to the eyes. Also, blinking keeps the eyes moist. The lacrimal glands which secrete tears for eyes under the eyelids , produce an antiseptic fluid that cleans the eyes. While reading, blink once in every line. Do not Stare at anything for a long time because this strains the eyes and causes an error of refraction. 
  2. Keep your eyelids half closed, while reading or watching a distant object. Even while looking upwards the upper eyelids should not be raised but only the Chin should be raised. 
  3. Turn your head in the direction in which you are looking. 
  4. Shift your glance constantly from one point to another. 
  5. Sunlight is the best source of light. However do not let the sunlight fall directly on the paper you are reading. While using electric light, see that the light comes from the back and falls on the paper. 

  • While reading: 

  1. Hold the book at a distance from where it is seen best. 
  2. The book or newspaper should be held under the chin so that the eyes are half closed. 
  3. Move your head from side to side while reading so that the word you are reading is directly under your nose. 
  4. Mentally make a note of the fact that printed matter is black and the paper is white. 
  5. Blink once in every line. 
  6. Read in proper light.
  7. Do not lie down and read. Also do not read in a moving vehicles . 

  • While writing: 
    While writing, keep your attention on the tip of the pen with which you are writing. Keep blinking normally. If you want to check what you have written then stop writing and hold the paper in your hands and read as per the above instructions. But do not go on writing and reading simultaneously. 
  • While working with the Computers: 

  1. See that the screen is below your eye level so that your eyes lids are half closed. 
  2. Have a comfortable distance between your eyes and the computer screen. 
  3. Blink regularly and normally. 
  4. Do palming exercise (closing both the eyes with palms lightly without pressure on eyeballs ) for 5-10 minutes after working on the computer for an hour. 
  5. Shift your glance from the computer screen to a distant objects for a 2 minutes ( while blinking) after every 30-40 minutes. 
  6. Have proper lighting in the room. 
  7. See that your posture is comfortable and that you are not bending too much straining your neck and the back muscles. 

  • While watching television:

  1. Sit at comfortable distance from T.V.
  2. The T.V.screen should be below your eye level. 
  3. Do not lie on the stomach and watch T.V. 
  4. Blink frequently and normally. 
  5. Do palming exercises for 5-10 minutes after watching T.V. for an hour. 
  6. Shift your glance from the T.V. screen to a distant object for 2 min after every 30-40 minutes. 
  7. Have a proper lighting in the room. 

  • Diet: 

  1. Include greens like palak, methi, coriander leaves, green pepper, celery, cabbage etc. And orange fruits and vegetables like carrots, papaya, mango, pumpkin etc in your diet.
  2. Have sprouted wheat, moong, matki, masoor etc at least 3 times a week. 
  3. Chewing Wheat grass or juice of it is good for those having high powered glasses. 
  4. Have 1.25 litre of water as soon as you get up in the morning. Do not eat or drink anything after this for an hour. This flushes the entire system and cleans the stomach. 
  5. Also, do not have too much water while having food . This dilutes the digestive juices. Drink water an hour before or an hour after having food. 
  6. Massage your scalp and neck with warm coconut oil once a week. 

  • Laughter therapy:
    Helps you to relax your body and mind. In the morning and just before you go off to sleep laugh continuously for minimum 5 minutes. If you want to do it as meditation the whole body should participate in the laughter. It should be a Belly laughter. 
    At the end of the laughing stage do palming exercise for 5 mins. 

Discoveries of Dr. William Bates about Eyes:

  1. All errors of refraction of eyes are functional and curable. 
  2. Mental strain creates an error of refraction and mental relaxation cures it. 
  3. Myopia-distant vision problem and Hypermetropia- near vision problem can be created at will. 
  4. Myopia is not caused by reading but by a strain to see distant objects. 
  5.  Hypermetropia is caused by strain to see an near point. 
  6. Lower degrees of error of refraction are curable , while higher degrees can be improved to a great extent. 
  7. Sun treatment massages all parts of eyes. It strengthens the macula and trains the Pupils to adopt readily to light.
  8. Eyewash tones up the eye muscles. 
  9. Palming gives relaxation to the eyes and the mind. 
  10. Reading of fine print when done without discomfort is extremely beneficial to eyes. 
  11. Games of Ball - strengthens the eye muscles and improves the accommodation  power of eyeball. Swinging and Pendulum eye exercise relaxes Spinal cord. It also develops mobility of eyes. 
  12. Blinking of eyes is the quickest method to rest the eyes. 
  13. Blinking and cold pack to eyes relax the eye muscles and also takes care of the effect of pollution on your eyes. 
  14. Candle light reading at comfortable distance is also beneficial to eyes.

Homeopathy has got a number of medicines which can give permanent solutions for a lot of eye problems like allergic eyes, refraction errors in children at early age, sties etc.

Dr. Amit Vora