There is a lot of hearsay about exercises negatively affecting your knee and other joints among people. Recent research says that exercises can be good for your knee. Researchers at Monash University in Australia found that studies on the correlation between exercise and knee pain to be conflicting; with some studies showing negative effects, some showing positive, and some being neutral. Overall the study indicates exercise is beneficial for the knees.

Several factors can lead to a bad knee due to being over weight and putting extra tension on your knees due to weight, old age, physical exertion, running on the metal and some other factors. But gradual and light exercises for the knees and the muscles around it can lower the pain and strengthen it further. Whether you walk, run, sit, jump or stand, your knees are used in all these by bearing the tension of the body and the movement. Below are some exercises for knees that can help you out.

Strengthen your Knee

Perform exercises to strengthen the quadriceps and hamstrings to support the knee and exert less stress on your knees. Doing sit ups and lunges can be done for these muscles to make them share the tension of the knees. Laying down on the back and doing leg lifts will help reduce the pain and strengthen it. Squats and some swimming pool exercises can be beneficial in reducing the pain. Sit by the pool and cycle your legs, standing in the pool and doing kickback exercises will help you with the knee.

Although, these exercises will strengthen the knees but if it hurts or have further problems avoid these exercises. Consult your doctor or a fitness specialist, for a tailored exercise program suitable for you. Avoid running on the metallic track while running outside and opt for the muddy to reduce the  stress on them. Avoid heavy weight exercises for less impact on your knees. Give rest to your knees on weekends to let it recover and repair tissues and muscles around it.