Rains bring a sense of relief after the scorching sunny heat. But for walk/jog lovers it can be a great disappointment when they see heavy showers pouring down especially when they are all geared up for their workout. The gloomy weather adds to the laziness forcing you to miss your gym and get into your quilt. So does this mean you have to give a toss to your workout regime? Ofcourse not. All you have to do it shift your outdoor workouts indoor. So how can you go about it? Check it:

Always do a 45 minutes – 1 hour workout:

Warm up: You can start your warm up with basic stretches of the neck, head, shoulder, arms and legs  followed by 5 minutes spot jogging.

Cardio: After warm up you can do 15 minutes of rigorous cardio to get your heart beat up and start your fat burning process. You can opt for skipping, stair climbing, hopping, jumping jacks etc. You can do any 1 or choose a combination of any of the above.

Strength: After a good cardio spree, you need to strengthen your muscles for toning the body and preventing joints from injury. You can do a combination of 20 squats + 20 lunges( each leg)+ 20 push ups. You repeat this set 2-4 times as per your capacity.

Abs: Start with a plank position for 30 seconds and repeat it again. Then lie down on your back and do 20 crunches + 20 reverse crunches + 20 alternate leg raises. Repeat this set 2 times.

Cool down: Do 5 minutes of full body stretches and relax.

This kind of regime gives an overall body workout including all the components like strength, cardio, stretches.If you want to do a fun workout, you can just play music and dance like no one is watching you. You can also purchase workout DVD’s available in the market to assist you with aerobics, dance, zumba very much at your home.

So now the rains cannot dampen your exercising spirit!!!