Are you the one suffering from a male sexual dysfunction called erectile dysfunction? If so, have you meet any medical specialist to discuss your problem and available treatment for the same? Keeping mum or feeling shy to discuss this problem is not going to save you or resolve the problem you are facing. Your sexual life is going to get hampered badly and may even end your relationship with spouse.  Meeting the best sexologist of the city will help you to treat the problem and get back to a healthy sexual life. Don’t ignore this condition as there can be several underlying health factors which are responsible for this problem. There are some unknown facts about erectile dysfunction ( ED) which is must for you to know in case you are having it:

  • Heart Disease and Erectile Dysfunction are interlinked: You will find many ED patients having coronary heart disease which happens when there is a buildup of plaque in the arteries obstructing for blood to flow towards the heart. A healthy flow of blood is a must for erectile functioning.
  •  Diabetes and ED both are linked: People with ED have a high chance of having Type 2 diabetes. High sugar in the blood will damage the blood vessels as well as nerves responsible for making healthy erectile function.
  • Change in lifestyle can improve erectile functioning: Certain changes that you make in your lifestyle and health choices create a huge impact on treating the problem of ED. A nutritious diet, regular exercising, quitting smoking, and high blood pressure control, high cholesterol as well as diabetes will reduce your risk of having a stroke or heart attack leading to improvement in sexual functioning. 

  Take care of the above facts to control and improve the problem of ED along with other health issues.