There are several diseases that affect men around the world. In that, one specific disease is Erectile Dysfunction that not only affects the body but also the soul. Though several diseases that could be fatal, this disease affect the intimate life of a man.It includes multiple sexual disorders. But most often it is considered as the inability to have an erection or maintain it for sufficient time. This is often called impotence. But impotence also includes diseases like the absence of sexual desire or ejaculation difficulties. It could be a total or permanent lack of erection or in some cases, it will be only temporary. The causes for this disease are several and there is no universal treatment for this. For instance, in older men, it could be physical origins such as diseases, injury,etc. They might also be faced with psychological problems as well.

However, it should be noted that Erectile Dysfunction can be treated at any age. Even complete recovery is possible in this case. This encourages men at different ages to find the cause for this problem and can be cured. It is also imperative to know that this disease can be treated by psychotherapy, drugs, vacuum devices, and surgery. But it should be noted that these treatments cannot substitute the prevention of this disease. Some of the factors that affect this disease are tobacco, alcohol, stress, lack of sleep and exercise, anxiety depression, the omission of periodic prophylactic check-ups, etc. Though modern medicine has a cure for this disease, it is ideal to prevent this disease rather than going for a cure. 

Thus, when you are faced with this problem, then it is good to consult a sexologist. He will provide you with the best solution to overcome this disease so that you can last long in the bed.