When it comes to male sexual arousal, it is considered a complex process. It involves blood vessels, emotions, brain, muscles, nerves and hormones. There are many men who suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Also known as Impotence, it is a problem which can worsen over the period of time. It refers to a condition in which a man is not able to maintain or achieve an erection which is required for finishing and starting a sexual act. As far as impotence is considered, age is not important; however older men have high chances of suffering from it. 

For those who are suffering from this problem might be well-aware how difficult it can become to cope-up with this condition. There are several causes which can trigger this in your body. There can be many reason for impotence. These could be either physical or psychological. As a matter of fact, even some serious and chronic diseases such as heart ailments, kidney problem, Parkinson, diabetes and cholesterol can reason impotence in men. On a similar note, you should also remember that depression, anxiety, sexual boredom, problems in relationship or stress can also be the cause of erectile dysfunction.

It is important to understand that erection problems usually lead to significant emotional and psychological reaction in most men. Often, this is described as a pattern of stress and anxiety and chances are that it might interfere with normal sexual function as well. Recognising and addressing this performance anxiety is important else problem will only breed in your sex life. 

Erectile Dysfunction not only makes the man frustrated, but also affects the sexual life of his partner. Erectile dysfunction treatment, when done timely, can improve your condition so that you can perform well in bed.