Understanding Erectile dysfunction 

• What is ED
• Erectile dysfunction is when a man is unable to get and/or keep an erection for sexual intercourse
• ED is very common and becomes more common as men age. It can be decisive factor causing an end to couple’s sexual life    irrespective of the woman’s participation and interest in sex.

Is ED just a part of getting old?
• It has been found that men even in their 30s or 40s can develop significant problems with erection and sex life
• Healthy couples can continue their sex lives well into their 60s and 70s, menopause being no bar ending the couple’s sex life
• Elderly couples in fact enjoy their time together sharing their intimacy once the kids are grown and have left home

• Longer the erectile dysfunction is left untreated greater is the effect on the relationship 

What causes it?
• Many factors lead to ED
• Physical and/or psychological
• Combination of both
• Inter-personal relationship problems
• Physical causes
• Heart disease- high B P
• Diabetes mellitus
• Smoking
• Obesity
• Alcoholism
• Inadvertent use of Viagra
• Hormone imbalance
• Retrograde ejaculation
• Prostate enlargement – on medications
• Psychiatric/neuroleptic drugs
• Peyronie’s disease

• Relationship conflicts
• Premature ejaculation
• Loss of libido – desire

Even if not wanting to restore sexual activity, men with erectile dysfunction need to have an assessment of their general health to  look for causes of the erectile problems
How do you get treated
• Meet your doctor who will assess you to find out more about the problem.
• It is a good idea for you to see the doctor with your partner, if possible
• The treatment can be more successful if you both understand the problem and help each other to treat the ED 
• History of sexual function and general medical factors, medications if any
• Physical examination that may include checking the penis, testes and prostate
• Investigations:Blood check up for cholesterol, kidney functions, and hormones
• Your doctor may suggest a sonography to assess the blood flow of the penis

How to treat
• Underlying reversible factors
• Medication 
• Lifestyle modification
•Temporary devices
• Injections/urethral 
• Surgery– including penile prosthesis
• Couple counseling
• Psychological support

Workable solutions
• The aim is satisfaction of the couple
• Re-establishment of the self esteem and confidence
• Harmony in relationship