We all are aware of the contemporary condition of the capital of India. Due to catastrophic increase of pollutants in the air, children have become highly vulnerable to respiratory disorders which can affect them lifelong.

We often tend to ignore it depending on the thought that as children they are stronger than other age groups and that they will heal much faster. But unfortunately that’s not true. To be precautious, we need to know the implications first.

So, here’s a few points that notes to what extent air pollution can affect your child:

Susceptible to Asthma

Asthma is common in children who live in metro cities. Children are more susceptible if there is any family history of the same. It is a very painful condition where bronchospasm takes place and breathing becomes difficult. Pollutants like dust and particulate matter make the condition worse by stimulating production of mucous.

Difficulty in Lung Functioning

Lung’s overall efficiency decreases due to air pollution as your lungs have to deal with suspended particulate matter. Polluted air is also dry which makes it difficult for the lung to humidify and mucous production is increased for this reason leading to further congestion.

Allergic reactions

Pollution is known to deteriorate allergic conditions in children. Pollution is associated with increase in cough, wheezing, and dyspnoea in children. It is important for kids to wear mask when going out in metro cities like Delhi, Mumbai, etc. They should avoid going out during peak seasons of pollution and smog.

Skin reactions

Other than internal infections, air pollution can also affect the quality of your children’s skin and hair. It not only loses its lustre and softness but can also develop life-long blemishes and skin problems if not taken care of properly.