The need for getting bigger penis size is both the concerned part as well as a preoccupation for most of the men; the market of penis enlargement has flourished. So what are the options available? What’s going to work and what not?

There are various articles and advertisements on this procedure and as a result, your email inbox suffers a lot. It is better to save your money as till now nothing has been proved to permanently increase the penis size.

Vacuum devices for the enlargement of penis

This treatment is often recommended for treating the impotence and it is also suggested for the enlargement of the penis as its size certainly increases for some time. There are some of the side effects associated with it which are it can lead to swelling, the blood vessels might rupture and pain. If you don’t want to try this method or you feel any pleasant sensation, you must keep in mind about the potential dangers that some of these devices are designed poorly.

Exercises of penis

As the penis doesn’t have any muscle, there are no massage or exercise techniques that will make the penis large. Doing stretches or attaching weight to the penis can prove to be waste of time and it might be painful too.

Surgery for the enlargement of penis

Surgery can be the only permanent option for penis enlargement. With the help of surgery, the penis might get large, only by an inch. Most of the urologists might not perform this surgery unless there are the therapeutic reasons included with it.

Though it is essential to consult a Sexologist before this treatment, penis enlargement surgery is only recommended for people who are suffering from functional abnormalities or deformities of the penis.