With a drastic change in lifestyle different male sex problems are commonly noticed in all ages. Premature ejaculation is among such problem that is not a disease but a lifestyle problem. This is a problem where the male does not have control of ejaculation during a sexual encounter. If you do not possess deep knowledge on this problem, this can blow your self-confident and can turn to a big problem later on. Generally, this problem is caused due to the older age, but if you are young then this sexual weakness is not normal and requires consultation with an experienced sexologist.

For a male who is facing uncontrolled ejaculation, here are few tips to reduce and get better control over sexual pleasure and ejaculation.

Consult a doctor: When you face this early discharge problem, it is best to talk with your partner and an expert doctor. This will help you to regain confidence and is best to know that your partner does not care for this as much you do. This will definitely build your confidence and will help to perform well on the bed next time.  

Examine the problem: It is necessary to know that males with premature ejaculation are increasing in number each year. So if you notice this problem, it is best to get it examined and diagnosed by an expert sexologist. It is necessary to get the right medicine, get a balanced diet and change in lifestyle.

Follow best practices: When you have a premature ejaculation problem, it is best to know about the best practices to last longer. For this, learn to know about aroused optimal and point of ejaculation.vFind the way to get out of your head and focus on oral sex, foreplay, touch and erotic massages. It is best to go slow and experience a change in sexual pleasure.