Do you eat at midnight? A research suggests that snacking post dinner increases your weight and drags you towards being fat. Eating after dinner adds extra calories to your body at a time when it is not required. Late night munching is an acquired habit that one gets addicted to after sometime and gets into a cycle of  binging on high calorie food like ice-creams, junk food, chips, chocolates etc post dinner.

Night time is also the time when our bodies are resting and eating food at this time leads to piling up of the calories. For many people midnight munching is a habit. Bad eating habits and staying hungry during days because of lack of time, night time provides you that missing opportunity of leisure to  catch-up on missed food/delicacies during the day. We all know  eating of fatty foods and oily foods can cause the cholesterol level soar creating health problems in the future.

Late night munching also hampers your sleep and makes the body drowsy during days. Research suggests that late night cravings can have effects on your heart health and may make you look older than you are. Make a resolution to not eat at night and eat high fiber food at dinner to keep you fuller for a longer time.

Sometimes its alright if you cheat and munch at midnight but try putting off the urge to eat. Few quick distractions like drinking herbal tea or water or just diverting  your mind and taking your dog for a walk can help you stay on track. Most importantly ensure you don't skip any meals during the day.

Late night munching habits can't go overnight but if you regulate your routine and control your urges you will be able to break this habit over a period of time.