Have you ever experienced bad breath? I am sure once in a while everyone of us have suffered from it.

It may seem like a small problem, but it is quite embarrassing for all.

Shattering our self confidence drastically this problem is very common and multi factorial.

Before learning for ways to prevent it we must know the reasons why we face it.

1) DENTAL DECAY: Yes you read it right. Dental caries is one of the most common reason for bad breath.

Food particles stuck in cavities attracts and harbors bacteria and eventually the awful smell. 

Not only they cause bad smell but they can also lead to problems like toothache and swelling.

2) GUM DISEASE: Swollen gums and bleeding from gums is bound to leave you with bad breath. Pyorrhea as we commonly know causes swollen and painful gums and loose teeth.

3) NOT CLEANING TONGUE: The inner side of the tongue sometimes gets deposited with white layer.

This has to be cleaned everyday with brush.

4) STOMACH PROBLEMS: One may get bad breath if suffering from constipation.

5) TOO MUCH OF PUNGENT SMELLING FOODS: Foods like garlic and onion.

6) DRY MOUTH SMELL: Our mouth gets a typical smell if we go for a long time without water.


1) First and most important is visit your dentist and get a thorough check up done.

Do the necessary treatments for caries and get your teeth cleaned once every year.

2) Sip water intermittently STAY HYDRATED.

3) Clean your tongue with toothbrush everyday.

4) Take care of your digestion. A healthy gut is the foundation of a healthy body. Chew your food really well with restricted processed foods.

5) If possible avoid pungent smelling foods.

6) Eat natural mouth fresheners like saunf, carom seeds or cardamom.

7) Use a mouth wash after consulting with your dentist.